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You have reached our download page. As time goes on, we will be adding more materials for you to download. For now, here are the download links to idogEexe and idogEzip. We have provided to formats to suite your needs. If you are on a dialup, you might want to use the zip link. However, you will need winzip or winrar to unzip/extract  the files. You can get winzip or winrar free for a trial peirod.

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Where Were You When The Ist Internet Goldrush Swept Web?

You were probably the same place you are today. Be comforted, you were not alone. Most of us were. And we lost out. But, there is a good reason for that- we were not techies and geeks. We were just regular folks, not given to the things of technology.

That was then. A new Gold Rush is about to happen on the Web again. A bigger and better mine is brewing. This time, the geeks and the wizards of technology are sleeping, and for a good reason.

Be part of this new Internet Gold Rush. It is free and the doors are open. Follow the links below to your fortunes.