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A rare and penetrating beauty
Chinaze I met by chance.
Like soul mates
Heart to heart
We struck a perfect pact
She two

She took to me
And I to her
As though from yore
Fashioned for one another
Love it was at first sight.

“Brother” she calls me
Sleepy her eyes like a dream
Sometimes “Daddy” she would say
With a smile that melted
A heart of steel, ignorant
In her childish innocence.

Like a bad dream
Fate had pulled a cruel joke on her
And in the dying days of 1998
The gates of hell snapped shut
With absolute finality
And quietly, slipped into obscurity
The father Chinaza loved,
Without waiting to savor
This beauty so rare.

What a fragile existence
We lead?

What fate purposed, I know not
But a silent pact we have made
*Chinaza and I.

*Chinaza is Ibo for God answers prayers
She was two when I met her.


 Dragon George

Now comes Dragon George
A chip off an old block!
Junior it was rumored
has a taste for blood
and a flare for smart kids
At least so he said.
Riding rough shod on al,
Junior wrestled the baton
On the fortunes of chards;
But when it is all said and done,
What do we have to show but
A lot of smart bombs
And a whole lot of dumb kids.

Stay blessed

Unlike many other kids
Yours is a special heritage
A confluence of Africa and America
A blending of the Negroid
And the Native Indian strains
That makes you Afroamerindians.
Remain blessed
Take what good there is in America
Take what good there is in Africa
Take what is good with the Native Indian
Take  what is good with the world
Make them yours
They are your heritage

Stay Blessed.

For Emeka, Uchendu, and Ndidi


The Carmelot

Exit the Camelot
May his soul rest in peace.
The Camelot
He was a good man
Living in dangerous times
This one was for the people
They admired him
And he adored them.
But the good,
Bless their soul
They never last
And the Camelot
In cold blood
In broad day light
Was cut down,
And more than three decades after
They ask:
“Who killed the Camelot?”

Good old George

Good old George was a wimp
At least so was the gripe
“Wimpy George” took the baton
Behind tagged El dumbo-
The king and his dumbo
Such perfect duo!
But good old “George”
Wasn’t happy being wimpy
So “Wimpy” built a shield
And brewed a storm
And when it was over
They lay dead in their thousands
Perhaps hundreds of thousands
But old “Wimpy” has a way with words
“Collateral damages” he called them








Where Were You When The Ist Internet Goldrush Swept Web?

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