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Nature poems


A quiet Serengeti noon
The talking drum
Stirs the gentle Savannah breeze.
A sleeping owl wakes
To the esoteric songs of native drums
Cautious, a timid gazelle makes an approach.

Alone in the plains
A convalescing lion limps in pain
To myself I thought, well,
He might just use a kill.

A safe distance away
A pale tourist tries a shot
To Jane its home indeed.
At ease with the chimps,
She grooms the head male.

In a corner, a stray baboon
Runs into a foraging troop,
At the queen baboon
He makes a rude pass
Slighted, the dominant male throws a fit

And a challenge as well;
He accepts, and the dual
Done, the interloper
Leads his mistress away.

Where the earth and the skies merge
The sun shimmers a crimson red
On its return trip to Dakar.

The proud Kilimanjaro dons
A scarlet crown,
Choking with thirst,
The Sahara gasps for a drizzle.

The Nile
The Niger
The Congo
The Benue
The Orange
The Limpobo and the Zambezi
All glimmer in the setting sun.
Along the Niger,
Fishermen cast their tired nets
On the shore,
A native woman tends her crops
Ka emesia! She greets in her native tongue.
I think it's Africa!


The giant of Africa
And indeed a giant of the world
Truly the giant of Africa.

Some have called you the “mountain of greatness”
Others the “roof of Africa”
Yet the rest the “mountain of caravans”
And in all you found expression.

Though living in her
Like a colossus
You dwarf the tiny continent
Towering above all
In the arid Masai country of Tanzania
Twenty thousand feet above sea level
From your stupendous heights
You watch over her with quiet admiration.

The skies have you made your domain
The beasts of the heavens your friends
A bald eagle of a king
Proudly defiant of the elements
Your gray stands through the seasons.

Kilimanjaro! Mountain of greatness!
What breast suckled you to such humongous strength?
What diet?
What cataclysm brought you forth?
Stately! Selfishly domineering
Breathtakingly imposing.

Steady of character
Exquisitely inspiring
Constant as the northern star
Much more than I can say for the other giant
So much so.







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