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Funeral poems


A poem for Memama
by Felecia Akalanze

Dear Memama,

I have been missing you! Yesterday, I smelled your fragrance
You were sweet as ever.
It has been a while since we talked.
How time flies!
I remember the little talks we had, mostly about nothing
and the plays that Chris, Jackie and I would put on just for you.
Tell me you have not forgotten
I really miss you. I love you just as you are.

I will fill my heart with memories of you
they are sweet memories and what is left I will take places
I will share them with the world
the nations you have raised

I know you can't come to me
but I can come to you
yet we have to wait
for the one who knows all things
to say when.



I have since given up on eulogies
And funeral orations,
They make me sick.
If heaven was made on eulogies,
Hell would be empty.


She sat by the fire
On a tired wooden stool
A little croaky her voice
She sang a mournful solemn dirge.

The owls listened from the woods
The frogs croaked from the ponds
Spellbound the night and her stars
In this solemn dirge of a kind.

To the dirge
The flames danced the night away
And let out a crackle
Every now and then.
Subdued in the dim of the flames
Her face glowed with her tears
As they trail the wrinkles
On her once pretty and happy face.

She sang of their love’s nest and
Decades of happy trifles
“tell me” she sang
“what good is life but for love?”
She sang with sorrow the dirge
And drew the tear in all.

Her gaze fixed at nothing
She stared into the night
Over-ran by grief and loss
For a moment she lost her voice.

The flames kept the dirge alive
Letting out a crackle every now and then
Somehow she found her voice
And up alive in a staccato it came
Dirge after mournful dirge she sang.








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