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Christian poems

Eloquent in silencei

How has the Lord
Cloaked our hopes
With a cloud of infirmities?
And cast down from grace
The beauty of our mornings;

Has He swallowed up
Our joy of youth?
He who walks in the “wings of the wind”
Has He remembered the iniquities of our ancestors

In the day of His anger;
He has bent His bow
And laid wast the beauty of our youth.


Come spirit Divine

From the shackles and
Bondage of the flesh
Set me free
Come Oh! Holy Spirit
Come in the mist of the morning
And in the darkness of the night, come

Come Oh! Mighty Spirit
Through the frigid skies
And icy winters, come
Through the burning summers
And their pregnant clouds, come
Through Falls fuming storms
And amid her angry waves, come
On the wings of the winds, ride
And from the bondage of sin
Set me free
Spirit Divine.

Come Oh! Spirit of the Father
With love come
With courage come
Come with strength
Come with knowledge
And with wisdom, come
And on me, do all bestow
Spirit Divine

The sacrifice

You closed your eyes in death
Bought life for us in blood
You rose anew in victory
And Death was swallowed up,
To the end of time

Behold The Prince of glory
Lo! Our Lord of honor
Mighty king of victory
Be thou our holy and trusted armor.

With royal blood, stitch ye
Our fractured hopes
With punctured ribs mend ye
Our injured heart

And all you ask,
Is a little love
That all might live
For all worthy of glory
Stand worthy of sweet sacrifice.

Like the clouds
No two of us are the same
Mortals saddled with sin
Yet, not one have you scorned
And we rest in the knowledge as sons
That our eternal relief
Is in the crucifix
And the resurrection that is your love

Summer 2000
Dallas Texas

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