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Childrens poems 


Babies are pretty like poetry
And warm like love.
They giggle at nothing
And make spit bubbles at all


Rail Crossing

I am standing by the rail station
On a night flight to Venus
I am waiting for the next train
The train came and left without me
I am the rail crossing
All-ways I’m waiting for the next train.

Stay Blessed

Unlike many other kids
Yours is a special heritage
A confluence of Africa and America
A blending of the Negroid
And the Native Indian strains
That makes you Afroamerindians.
Remain blessed
Take what good there is in America
Take what good there is in Africa
Take what is good with the Native Indian
Take  what is good with the world
Make them yours
They are your heritage

Stay Blessed.


Year 2000

Is this not the year
About which there was so much hype
And are we now here
Pass the millennial gripe.

Today I turned 2000!

On this great millennial birthday
Checked my parts –eyes, ears, legs and hands
To see if they are where they
Were, just a millennium ago.

Checked too the heavens, to see
Whether the sun would rise
And lo, thither aglow, the sun beyond the sea
And the in-numerate rooster, wise
As ever, announces the birth of a new day-
The millennial dawn

Grandma's mad house

A mixed bunch are grandma's pets
When should would open her door
Meow, meow one would say,
Quack, quack another would call
Ruff, ruff barks the other
And baa, baa, cock-a-doodle
Ribbit ribbit, oink oink
Hee haw, peep peep,
Cluck cluck, moo moo
Gooble gooble, hee haw
Ruff ruff, quack quack
Moo moo, ribbit ribbit
Oink oink, cluck cluck
And on and on they went!

My pet Monkey Marty

I once had a pet monkey
He name was Marty
Marty lived in his little old monkey house
That father made.

Marty was so so good with the ropes
And could go up, up, up
Or down, down, down with ease

One fine day,
Just one fine day
Marty went up up up
And up up up 
And up up up 
And up up up 
And up up up 
And was seen no more!


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