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Poem A Day 


Welcome to a poem a day. We want to believe that you are here seeking a little adventure in poetry. If that is the case, you are in the right place as poetry is all that we have to offer.  

The author Poetry as you may know is as old as the spoken word.  I believe that from the moment man began to articulate his thoughts and give vocal expression to them, in that instant, poetry was also born.  From the days when David first wrote his Psalms through the days of Homer and Shakespear, and up to the present time, poetry has in many ways shaped humanity and has itself been shaped by the same humanity.

My journey with peotry started kind of early. At no point in my life did I however think that I would one day sit down to write a poem. That was the exclusive preserve of poets and I was not one of those weired people. But all the same, I enjoyed reading poems and listening to teachers and other read them to me.

The early rhymes were especially enjoyable. I remember coming home somedays and earger to recited the days poem to whoever was willing to listen.

My next mile post with poetry came when I was in middle school. I remember very well listening to my teacher in what was form three in Nigeria reading to us John Milton's "On my blindness". I remember the passion and enthusiaism that he poured into that reading and how that stired my passion and empathy for the blind poet. I believe that it was that day that the foundation for my writing was laid in stone.

After that class, I did not think much of anything about poetry again. Not even in college when I had to write at least one poem and do critique on several others in other to pass my literature class.  

But, the foundation has been laid and waiting for the right time and right circumstances to manifest. Those circumstances came when I moved back home in 1995. From the moment I was on the ground, there was a constant conflict in my mind between what is and what ought to be. Slowly, I began to articulate those thing in my mind and eventually on paper. In the beginning it was slow and as the days went by, it picked up steam. I got to the point where I was writing several titles in a single day. But those where mostly about the horrible political situation and abject porverty in the country. 

Slowly, my focus shifted and my writing to a more global and general nature. 

Some of the people that have influenced my writing are Nigeria's Niyi Osundare, Israel's Yehuda Amichai, Rusia's Svetlov and America's Langston Hughes. I also find South Africa's Denis Brutus exciting.

I am now back in the US. I still write poetry and hope to continue to write. However, I have been considerably slowed down by the demands of the time. 

Thank you for reading. Feel free to look around. Tarry if you will and return when you want. I will be adding more titles as time permits. Be sure to download your copy of idogEzip.  Or idogEexe . It is FREE! idogE is a compilation of some my about 600 titles. All I ask is that you help to circulate it by sending them to your friends and family. You can attach the zip file in your email or refer the to









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